Boost My Self-Esteem

Dear FlyLady,

I have been following you for almost 2 years and my house looks great! My bed gets made as soon as my feet touch the floor every morning. My kitchen and my bathroom get tidied and shined every night. I break up the once a week hourly blessing into easy 10-15 minute daily tasks.

My clean house gives me a sense of peace, but I think it is my routines that are the biggest boost to my self-esteem. I have never, ever had routines before and I love the sense of ease and purpose they give me.

Your habits of the month have really helped me. BUT I have still not conquered Mount Washmore. My daughter complains about me “never doing the laundry”. Ugh! You are so smart for making laundry the habit to practice for August: back to school time!  I spent this weekend cleaning out my laundry space getting ready to fly!

Thank you so much for your monthly habit emails. I feel inspired and supported everyday.

BE the person you want to be.

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