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 Dear FlyLady,

I just received my second FlyLady calendar in the mail, and I wanted to share a calendar tip. My husband works regular shifts; he works one Thursday to the following Wednesday, 6 AM to 6 PM, then has a week off, then repeats the same pattern. I always have had a problem keeping track of which days he was working.

When I got my calendar I bought a bunch of little colored dot stickers, like you might use at a yard sale, and I went through and put one sticker on each day he is working. Now I can see it at a glance – if there is a sticker, he is working, if not, then not! It’s so simple but it makes a big difference – I do two or three months in advance and I never have to ask him to check his schedule to tell me if he will be working.

As I am a teacher I also love using your “No School” and “School Event” stickers to mark my work schedule on the calendar as well. I also sing, both volunteer and paid, in several places and I can use the calendar to track those gigs as well. Thank you for giving us such a great tool to stay organized, and to keep track of each other!

Flybaby A in PA

FlyLady here – I love how clever this is! It is really hard for families to keep track of each other when there is not a set routine for work schedules. I love how this FlyBaby A found a way to just glance at the calendar and know her DH’s schedule! Awesome!

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