Reasons I Love My FlyLady Calendar

Dear FlyLady,

Here are the Reasons I love my FlyLady Calendar.

1. Big spaces.  You really do have room to write down everything that is going on in a busy family.

2. I can write with whatever I want.  I used to use those freebie photo calendars you get from the bank, the insurance company, etc. but they were always printed on shiny, slippery paper.  Pencil marks wouldn’t show up on the shiny paper, so you had to use ballpoint pen, which meant no erasing.  Also, highlighter ink usually wouldn’t work on shiny paper as it would bead up and smear.  With the paper that the FlyLady calendar is printed on, you can write with anything–pencils, pens, markers, gel pens, even colored pencils if you like to color-code things.  I mostly use pencil so I can make changes easily and I love being able to use highlighters on it.

3. The pocket in the back.  Whenever the kids come home with some kind of schedule or order form or permission slip that can’t be dealt with now but will need to be referred to in the near future, it goes in the pocket in the back.  Then I know just where to find it.  Flyers and invitations for upcoming events that we MAY attend (but haven’t decided for sure) go there also.  Tickets for events we will attend can also be found there.  It keeps that stuff off the “Hot Spot” that is my kitchen table.  I police the pocket regularly so it doesn’t become a “Hot Spot” of its own!  Every so often I pull out everything and discard what is no longer needed.

4. The “Message Board” page at the back.  We use that page for our “wish lists” for each family member.  Anytime we think of something we would like for Christmas or a birthday gift, we can write it there.  Dry-erase markers work great on this page.

5. It helps me keep on top of our bills.  Whenever I get a bill, I open it immediately and write “electric bill due” (or whatever) on the calendar IN RED.  We use red only for bills.  Then the bill goes in the “bills-to-be-paid” file.  When the bill is paid we mark a line through our note on the calendar so we know it’s paid.  A couple of years ago, I had an “A-ha” moment when I realized that many of our bills were due on the same calendar day every month.  For example the credit card bill is always due the 9th, the car payment is always due the 23rd, etc.  So now when I get a new calendar I write down those recurring due dates on every month for the whole year at once.

I am glad to support the FlyLady.  I suppose I could get a cheaper calendar somewhere else, but FlyLady is worth every penny.  She is always there for me, FOR FREE, whenever I need some encouragement and hope.  Between her website and her emails, I always have someone to turn to when I’m overwhelmed.  She is both philosophical and practical.  If I’m feeling down, I can open up one of her emails and she reminds me to love myself and be kind to me.  She also (lovingly) reminds me to get off my Franny, lace up my shoes, and shine my sink!

Thank you for a great calendar and for all you do,

Flybaby in Nebraska

FlyLady here: Thank you for all your love and support!

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