Dear FlyLady,

So I had my first guest over since starting this process and sticking to my routines. Something I did notice is my level of anxiety when I found out someone was coming over. Well… I panicked….but only for a minute (out of habit, I guess?) but then I looked around and thought, “This isn’t so bad…this is do-able”… and it was!I might add that this friend was a friend who, in the past while visiting, went into my bathroom to CLEAN IT… because she was bothered by my messy-ness… I was so upset that she had done that and just made me NOT want to open my home up to ANYONE after that. Boundaries, people! HahaShe was floored last night. She complemented me of everything – and in a non-condescending way. She even asked about my routines and we spoke about what she could do to improve HER routine as well. I cited my source (FlyLady). Thank you!   Your website showed up at the right time in my life.  I sure love to FLY!

FlyBaby Jessie

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