There is More Than One Way to Shine

Dear Friends,

When you join our group, your very first assignment, was to Go Shine Your Sink. Do you remember how good it felt to see it gleam. Then after is was shining, it was more difficult to put dirty dishes in it. As a result you kept the Dishwasher empty so you could dispose of your plates and glasses. The Clean and Shiny Sink was contagious. I have another God Breeze for you from a member’s subject line!

Did you know that every room in your home has a Shiny Sink! Let’s think about this for a little while.

Master Bedroom: For me it is seeing my bed made with my decorative pillows on it and my one crowning pillow that my SHE sisters gave me! It says, “I’m Not Bossy, I just have better ideas!”

Children’s Rooms: Having the toys put away and the floor clear, is usually a good sign.

Bathrooms: Having the sink shining! That is an obvious, but the mirror clear of tooth paste splatters and dental floss home runs is another thing that makes my bathroom look nice. Also having toiletries put away and not sitting out on the counter.

Office: This is a tough one, Keep your desk clear, with an uncluttered work surface.

Dining Room: Having the dining table empty and a pretty center piece on it. Maybe even a table cloth and napkins.

Living Room: This is a hard one for me. Keeping my end tables and huge coffee table clear of papers.

What this all boils down to, is Hot Spot Prevention. We all have these areas in our home, that if we will be vigilant, they will not become cluttered with our daily stuff. So twice a day do a Hot Spot Fire Drill for two minutes. If we will stay on top of this, they will not become a raging clutter inferno.

There is one other Shiny Sink, that I’ll bet, you have not thought of.

Yourself: What are the final touches that make you feel special when you are getting dressed. It could be, putting on your makeup, fixing your hair, donning a pair of earrings, placing that string of pearls around your neck. It could also be a spritz of your favorite fragrance, the perfect color of lipstick, or using a sweet smelling bar of soap in your bath. One other more intriguing possibility could be the foundation garments that you put on that give you that special feeling all day long. Something lacy and pretty underneath jeans and a t-shirt can make a huge difference in your own attitude. Something special just for you!

What can you do each morning to make yourself feel special? Each and every one of your are special to me! My goal is that you will feel this worth for yourself. If you outsides look good, your insides feel good. If your insides feel good, you can do anything! The Sky is the limit! I want you to Shine too!

Are you ready FLY along with me!


Take some time for you today. Sit back and listen to some beautiful music, read a book or magazine. Take a moment to set in a sunbeam and grab your water bottle.

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