August Habit #24 Not A Chore Anymore

Hello Dear Flylady and crew!

I am one of those people who also hates doing laundry like so many others.  I would buy enough underwear and socks to last months so I could do them all at once. Then they’d sit in the basket once clean and what a mess.  I would do laundry when my husband said he had nothing to wear next week for work or I would do laundry when my laundry took over the bedroom (we had to move into a tiny room when my dad moved in with us so you can imagine).  Once I started doing a load a day – well at first I thought it wouldn’t make a difference – but I am shocked!  I have socks stuffed into drawers that are clean!

It’s so easy now I can just fold stuff as it comes out of the dryer – no more loads upon loads sitting beside the bed tempting the dogs, or in my husbands office.  It’s not even a chore anymore.  Why didn’t I try this before?  Thanks for the encouragement you give every day and thanks for all the testimonials.  I am just starting on my routines but when I get up and think about the shiny sink and clean toilet and the bed that’s actually made so I can keep the bedroom door open – it does put a smile on my face.  Perfectionism really is overrated….Thanks!

Dorie in California

FlyLady here: Our habit for August is working on Laundry.

A load a day keeps CHAOS away!  We have a great tool to help you sort as you take your clothes off.
Do you have a story or tips that will help other FlyBabies with this habit? Please send them to with LAUNDRY in the subject line.

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