Can I Use a Purple Rag for This?

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been considering 3 uses for purple rags, but I’ve never seen them mentioned, so I thought I should ask first. Can I use them to (1) wash my car exterior? (2) clean my computer screen? or (3) clean my tv screen?

Everything I’ve ordered is of exceptional quality, and I’m so pleased! I’m anxiously awaiting the reappearance of the rubba sweepa…I just HAVE to have one!

Thank you for everything. My home looks better and I feel better.

a Maine Flybaby (yes, it does get hot in Maine)


Dear Maine FlyBaby,

I am very proud of you for staying hydrated during this hot weather! It is also important to drink your water in the winter time too. We love our new water bottle! I am so happy for you since your home is looking better and you are feeling better.

Here is what I know about our FlyLady Purple Rags. They have been used on the exterior of a car. It took Yellow streak from another car in a parking lot off of a black car. They had tried everything. It had been on that car for two years.

I have used our Purple Rag on bugs while we were traveling. It worked to get them off our windshield and off the head lights. Yes you can use it to wash your car too!

I clean my computer screen with our purple rag. I use it dry.

Just yesterday I read where one FlyBaby uses her purple rags to remove her make up.

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