Changed My Outlook

IMG_5777Dear Flylady,

I’ve been FLYing for about five weeks now, and while I haven’t implemented the entire plan yet, the things I have have absolutely changed my outlook on life and I am loving my life so much more than before.  Making my bed, swish and swipe, putting on shoes, 15-20 minutes of exercise, keeping on top of the hot spots, and of course, the shiny sink – and world is just a better place.  Thank you!

Today I want to share one quick story.  My five year old daughter and I were having a bit of special play time while her two year old little brother took his nap.  We decided to make tea, and then she asked to use our special tea set.  It is a beautiful Winterling china tea set that I inherited from my grandmother, with gold rims and everything.  It is one of my great treasures.  I looked around at my clean dining room table and clean kitchen counters, and couldn’t think of why not!  If I had clutter all around as I used to there is no way would have dared get that tea set down, but there we were, enjoying a special tea party together on a regular Monday afternoon.  And now it is all washed and put away on a newly dusted shelf, ready to go for next time.  What a wonderful time sharing something beautiful with my daughter in a beautiful space.  It wouldn’t have happened without those little baby steps.

FLYing in PA

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