I Just Love My Calendar

Dear FlyLady,

I’m looking at my calendar right now and I just love it!

I’m a sticker gal so I’ve really made use not only of the stickers that came from you, but I added some of my own stickers as well.

At a quick glance I see that something is going on and can get a general idea of what it is. A closer look gives me details. And there is plenty of room!

My little calendar area includes a desk in my kitchen, upon which sits my laptop. I opened my email this morning and remembered that I’d sent myself some reminders of things to add to my calendar!

So I just stood up and wrote them in and added my little stickers.

Even my husband likes it and usually he doesn’t care about this kind of stuff! His haircut appointment is on Saturday and his first round of a job application is on the next Saturday.

Great job!

A FlyBaby

calendarFB2FlyLady here: Create a command center in the heart of your home.

Everyone can check the calendar and post to it! All of you will know what is scheduled and what you need to have when you walk out the door.

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