I Write Them On My Calendar

Calendar250Dear FlyLady,

I love the new Sneak Peek where you give us the mission for each day ahead of time! Now I can post it on my calendar at the beginning of the week.

Because I work each day, I often come home so tired I don’t check my emails and just get my supper and sit down. Boom. End of my day. My mission for the day does not get done. But now I can look at my calendar when I come in the door, and start on my task before I fix my supper. At least I already know what’s for supper!

The only thing I have to do before I start my evening routine is put up my dishes and shine my sink! My evening routine is easy because I already know what to do! Why? Because it’s already a Habit!

I had so discouraged because I wasn’t getting the missions done during the week. But if I see them for each day at the beginning of the week (in the Sneak Peek), onto the calendar they go! Then I have a fighting chance of getting the mission done before I sit down.

Thanks, FlyLady, I have hope again!

FlyBaby in Newnan, Ga.

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