It Works More Than Great

DeaLaborDaySale2r FlyLady,

I love the FlyLady Calendar!  I handwriting large enough to easily read and was bothered for years by not having enough room to write more than one event per day.  Enter the FLYLady calendar.  I finally can fit multiple appointments,  activities and birthdays all on the same day.  I also love that it’s 17 months, so I can easily record things for the next year while still in this year.

Is it pretty — no.  Does it work great?  It work’s more that great.  It works awesome.  As far as the pretty goes, if I want a pretty picture with it I just hang another calendar over it (folded so only the picture shows).  Then it’s pretty and amazingly functional.

Keep up the good work.



p.s.  I do FlyLady Premium and I love my mentor, Jen Neuman.  She understands my quirks and challenges and helps me know how to work with and around them so I can accomplish things.  Thank you for this service.  It is truly a blessing.

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