The Storm is Still Raging

Dear Friends,

My heart goes out to the people of Texas. This storm is dumping epic amounts of rain several hundred miles from the center of Tropical Storm Harvey. Now those bands of rain are hitting Louisiana. The storm looks like it could head up toward Tennessee.

I grew up on the Mississippi River in West Tennessee. We knew the power of the river and how it could effect our lives. I remember working hard to get the crops harvested before the rising river destroyed our livelihood.

As a weather nut I have watched the Weather Channel and have warned people I know about the impending rain and floods. In my whole life, the most rain I have ever experienced is 10 inches in one day. We live on a mountain and we had raging rivers. So when I told my brother that 35 inches of rain was predicted for the Houston Area. He sort of laughed and hinted that they would need an Ark.

As I have watched all the rescues, these people are amazing. The victims have been resourceful. Some have used inflatable queen-sized mattresses to float their children and elderly to safety. I have seen people use their refrigerator to float family members to safety. Anyone who has a boat of any kind is in there rescuing people and their pets. My heart has been filled with gratitude for these wonderful private rescuers, first responders, fire fighters, policemen, National Guard, and Coast Guard.

I don’t want to forget about the people who are sheltering in place and taking in their neighbors. There will be many more heartwarming stories to come. These people are ministering to their neighbors to help keep them calm. Lives will be changed because of this storm.

I remember when North Carolina was hit with Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Several of us went down to help friends. Total devastation. Most families lost everything. There was an upside to the devastation!

People who suffered with too much stuff were finally able to let things go. They were starting over with just a few items that could be saved. I remember opening up a dresser drawer before the wood swelled and finding a bunch of wet ladies hankies that had belonged to my friend’s Mother. They were going to be thrown out because the flooding in North Carolina was contaminated with hog lagoon sewage. I asked if I could have them because I love old handkerchiefs.  I am so glad I did.

A couple of years ago, I got a message from my friend asking me if I still had them. Her daughter was getting married and she needed something old. I was able to send her some of her mother’s beautiful hankies.

Have you been having trouble letting things go? Just imagine the poor people in Texas. I know this is going to help you get rid of items that you have been hoarding. We are all too attached to our stuff. I know from personal experience what is important to me.

Several years ago our home was struck by lightning and we have to evacuate in the pouring rain. The house was filling up with smoke; I called 911 while Robert emptied a fire extinguisher on the fire area. Michele my assistant, put the dogs in her car. I tricked the cats to go outside with treats and grabbed my computer and headed to my car. Robert grabbed his new camera and everyone was out of the house in just a few minutes.

Examine your priorities and see what you can let go. You will be happy with less stuff. The people in Texas are going to need a lot of your prayers and support. If you feel the need to help in some way; you can donate to a local organization that will be taking supplies or just donate money to the Red Cross or Samaritans Purse. Any donation will be appreciated!


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