I am Adding to my Clutter Problem

Hi FlyLady

When I go shopping for something in particular I tend to buy more than one. One example is perhaps I want a quilt or blanket.  I go shopping for it in a store on online.  I end up buying more than one.  It’s that way with most of the thing I buy.  It might be a handbag (ends up being 2 or 3 handbags) or bed sheets or throw blankets.  It’s like I get kind of obsessed with that item until I buy 2 or 3. 

I can’t figure out why I do this!  Do you have any idea why I might be doing this?  I’m clogging up my house with stuff that I don’t need!  


Dear Susan,

I totally understand your problem. We have a hard time making a decision. So if you have the money or space on your credit cards, you don’t have to make a decision. All you have to do is pull the trigger. This is where we can make it a little harder for us.

One thing you can to is put things in your cart and let them sit there for a couple of days. If and when you remember that items are in your cart; you will be able to weed out the items you don’t want.

For me the urge has passed and I usually don’t make the purchase. This works well for me. Also another way to make it harder for you to buy something is to not keep your credit cards on file with the website. This means you have to drag out your wallet and input the numbers. With Amazon I keep “One Click” turned off all the time! I have to put things in my cart.

Now if you do make the “well thought out” decision to purchase something; what are you prepared to get rid of. This will help you to keep clutter down. If you are still in the decluttering mode in your home; get rid of two items that are like the one you just purchased. Do it before the shipment comes to your home.

If you are shopping to get out of your messy home; STOP! This is a way to not have to deal with your clutter. Not only are you destroying your home; you are making yourself feel even worse. If you want to save money and reduce clutter; stay out of the stores until you have a grocery/shopping list. Go in and get exactly what is on your list, then get out. No more cruising the aisles to find those bargains.  Those impulse purchases rob you!

Next time you feel the need to go shopping. Go clean out a closet! Go clean Out a drawer! Go clean out a cabinet! This is what is going to make you feel better!


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