I Laughed At Myself

Hello FlyLady!testifly

I have been flying for several months now and always get a kick out of the blunders some people do. So here is mine:

I am a stay at home mom of two littles. I had heard of your website and decided I need a change. The very first day was bathroom week. All I read was your list of things to do and that included to “shine your sink.” I thought since it was bathroom week you strictly meant bathroom sink. I thought to myself how easy is that?! Well, my first day my bathroom sink got shined really well! How proud was I?

The next day I got one of your emails and realized you meant to shine your kitchen sink daily. Head in hands.

After I laughed at myself, I now strive to keep my kitchen sink empty. It’s amazing! Just this morning my year and a half year old made an enormous mess with his cereal. I took off his onesie and stuck him in the kitchen sink for an impromptu bath! He’s never had a sink bath in his life until today!

Thanks so much for your inspiration and thoughtfulness!

Flybaby and Flygrandbaby

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