September Habit #2 Launch Pad

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for your suggestion of a daily launch pad.

It’s made my morning routine so much easier.

I bought myself a beautiful new tote bag (so much better than grocery store plastic bags) and an over-the-door hook for the door out to my garage. When I come home, I take my water bottle, dirty lunch containers and detritus out of it and return it to its hook.

I pack it up again before bed, and, since it hangs right at eye level, I can never miss it heading out again in the morning.

My department secretary asked me why I never have to stop by to borrow the master office door keys any more: I finally have my own, every day.

I’m chugging away at the babysteps. Oh, to have started this twenty years ago, when bad habits weren’t so ingrained.

I think I can, I think I can…

Susan in Ohio

FlyLady here: This month we are focusing on the before bed routine.

Part of this routine is gathering up everything you need for the following day and putting it in one place. This place is your launch pad. You will be able to grab and go!

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