The First of Many

Dear FlyLady,

This is my first of maybe hundreds of testiflies …. I am amazed at the transformation in my house that has came about because of you and your amazing website. I only heard about you 6 weeks ago and my life is already so much better.

I never would have believed that just 15 minutes a day and picking up after myself would yield such amazing results! My bedroom is now a place that has peace.  I do your decluttering sessions each day and I set my timer for 15 minutes and work on hotspots…. I never would have believed 15 minutes could yield such results. The most important thing on your website was the advice you were given to pick up after yourself….I’m sure BOs new this all the time but I needed to be told. Thank you so much! I went with clutter free gifts this Christmas and asked for the same … It was great! I love your products and have more coming, thanks for those as well.

As I applied this to my home your words embedded themselves into my subconscious …. At work last week I was berating myself for not starting an administrative notebook at the beginning of the school year… As I was heading out to a meeting my mind said to me … You are not behind …. Jump in where you are. I had bought the perfect notebook but my perfectionism had kept me from making it because I didn’t do it in Aygust…. I went and grabbed the notebook and stuck in some paper… Without making all the proper labels…. Oh no! And started the notebook … I’ve already referred to it twice in a week.

Thank you Fly Lady… I believe you have found you calling… Helping one SHE at a time.

NM Flybaby



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