Caught Unprepared


That musing/reminder email about checking your calendar really hit home for me. This past Monday, I had made an appointment for some service workers to come to my house to fix my dog’s invisible fence collar. On Saturday, I knew something important was going to happen Monday but couldn’t remember what. I shrugged and said I have another day before I have to check my calendar. Sunday came and went, same as Saturday, where I knew something was happening Monday, but I would just check my calendar in the morning. Yeah right! It was around 1:00pm when the service men showed up and took me by total surprise. I then looked at my calendar (albeit a little too late) and realised I wasn’t ready for them. You see my dog’s collar was buried in a hot spot in my house. Friday night, I had told myself I would just look for it Sunday. Imagine my embarrassment at not only greeting them at the door confused at who they were, but also me being unprepared by not having the collar ready for them. It took me the longest 20 minutes of my life to find it and give it to them. Let this be a warning to the other fly babies. Check your calendar! Don’t be caught unprepared like I did lol

Fluttering a little better in Maryland

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