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Dear FlyLady,

A little back ground on me, I am a military wife of 21 and 22 weeks pregnant with our first baby. We have been married for 1 year and 8 month and have lived together for 7 months (go military). I grew up in a very chaotic home and swore mine would be different. But that last months have proven how hard that is. I have been fighting negative feelings of feeling like a failure has a wife and with a baby on the way I knew I had to change something. My mom had tried FlyLady when I was a kid and even though it didn’t stick for her I thought I would look into your program. Its exactly what I need! I struggle with anxiety and I’m learning I have to do things very slow to be successful. Which means no quick fix for me. I just started FLYing. I simply read your emails for a few weeks until I was ready to start. Its been a few day’s since I started with my shiny sink. It took me a few day’s until I started to be consistent but I’m determined. Today I have started doing one load of laundry a day. And started the missions. Because I don’t have a front porch and there is nothing in my entry way I decided to do 8 minutes in the dinning room and 8 minutes in the living room. Its amazing how much gets done in so little time. Its far from perfect but I am learning to let my perfectionism go.
I just want to say thank you, I am excited to start this journey to a stress free home.

New FlyBaby from Japan.

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