Amazing Results

Dear FlyLady,

What do you mean I don’t have to paint?

I’ve been tackling Zone 1 this week by using the Detailed Cleaning List. Frankly, I didn’t think there was much to do in our entryway. We’re preparing our home for sale, though, so I figured I’d at least check.

Looking at everything through the eyes of a realtor, I admitted to myself that the walls were pretty bad. I hate painting, and I had decided just to ignore the walls and hope for the best.

Today, I decided to give washing the walls a try. I grabbed an old sponge and daughter’s beach bucket. I squirted a few sprays of cleaner in the bucket, filled it with warm water, and then I set to work scrubbing.

I can’t believe the results! It took two 15-minute shifts, but one wall is clean. It doesn’t need to be painted after all! Is it perfect? No. Did I use the ideal cleaning supplies? Probably not (I might have scrubbed off a little paint 🙂 ).

What’s important is that I set a timer and choose to imperfectly bless my home and family, 15 minutes at a time. Thank you, Flylady!

Flapping in Georgia

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