Love My Calendar


I absolutely LOVE my calendar!!  I’m an instructor for my company and am in a different city each week Monday-Friday. Your calendar is big enough for me to write my class number, what city I’m in, who I’m teaching with, what hotel I’m staying in and my flight numbers and there’s even room left over for “life’s events” such as birthdays, appointments, etc., and every Sunday before I leave I record all this information into the week I’m going to be gone.  I use red ink for work info and black for everything else.

At first I thought it was a little overwhelming because it was rather large compared to the other calendars I had used in the past.  After using yours for the past two years I’m totally sold and cannot imagine using a different one and will be sure to buy next years as well!I also have your timer and use it for everything!  It’s latest use is for watering my lawn.  I just set it for however long I want to water and when it goes off I move the sprinkler to a new area and set it again!  I love that it has a clip on it and clip it to my clothes so as I move around the house I hear it no matter where I am!

Thank you for paying it forward to all of us throughout the world who are overwhelmed and haven’t got a clue how to accomplish our goal of a happy home!  With the testimonials from the other FlyBabies and your essays, I’m getting there and couldn’t be happier!!Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you!!!

A Richmond, VA FlyBaby

FlyLady here: I love the size of the FlyLady calendar, too!  When you
have a busy family and/or schedule and want to keep track of birthdays, etc….you need lots of room.  And when you hang the calendar in the busiest room of the house…usually the kitchen…everybody can walk by and read it and know what is going on!!!

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