Peace and Joy

Dear FlyLady,

Knowledge of FlyLady.Net came to me at a time where I was desperate and overwhelmed. CHAOS is the perfect description of my adult life. When I saw what it stood for, Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome, I knew I had found a place that understood my situation and I dared hope I could climb out of it.

I was skeptical. But reading the emails made me feel like I was actually getting a hug and I went to my closet and put on my lace up shoes. Then I went to my kitchen and got to work on shining my sink. The joy I have felt the last couple of days when I wake up and see that shinning sink is indescribable. I know I have a lot more to go, but every time the negative voices start piling on, I actually run into my kitchen and let the peace and joy of that room drown out the negative. It is my no-whine zone (and it used to be the place I hated the most!)

Perfectionist me wants it all done now. But I wrote out the BabySteps pledge on my journal, word by word, and signed it. And you know what? I never knew how long 15 minutes could be! I still can’t believe that my car is clutter free after just 15 minutes. I’ve been putting it off for months because it seemed like such an impossible task.

BabySteps at a time, I am finally ready to FLY!

Thank you,


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