Calendar Greatness

Calendar250Dear FlyLady,

I have been buying calendars for a few years. I save them as records of information, such as what you see in the picture.

I have a special needs son and there’s plenty of room to write in details about his appointments as well as regular family life. I also keep track of when he and my other son go to my ex’s home to keep us all on the right schedule. Everyone counts on me to know all of his medical details and I can refer to the calendar to remind me when medical supplies were ordered, when he was last admitted and for what, etc.
Also, the pocket is a lifesaver! During an unexpected hospitalization last week, my other son ran out of his medication (whoops) and I was able to tell my spouse to just get the new Rx out of the pocket of the calendar! This saved me a lot of trouble and I was able to focus on my hospitalized son. 
I also write a small “H” or “A” in the upper right hand corner to indicate if the boys will be with us or my ex overnight. My spouse loves this, instead of asking me to check my phone’s calendar. Each block has 8 lines and I usually don’t fill up a whole block. 
Thanks for a great product!

Jen in Cleveland, Ohio

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