Sometimes All You Need is a New Hairdo

Dear Friends,

All summer I have been trying to let my hair grow out. At the same time I have been losing some weight and moving more. My issue with allowing my hair to grow was that it was driving me nuts. My bangs were too long and I could not get them to stay out of my eyes. I would walk into the bathroom and I would hate the way I looked. This was all because my hair was making me feel frumpy.

Many years ago when I was depressed and went into a treatment program; the first thing that happened was a make-over. Who knew that a make-over could change everything about you.

I have never been a girly girl. My roommates were in-charge of fixing my hair, applying my make up, and picking out my clothes. The result was phenomenal. I was told that I looked younger, carried myself differently, and I felt good too.

Well on Thursday, my husband is so funny! He told me in a kind way, that my hair was beginning to look like Steve Bannon’s hair. Then he showed me a picture. I had to agree. I immediately called my hair stylist. I got my hair cut on Friday. I feel so much better! Check out my new hair cut.

I am feeling a whole lot better about myself. Someone even said I looked 10 years younger. Wow!

Do you need to schedule an appointment with a hairstylist? If you don’t have a stylist check out Great Clips in your area. They take walk-ins.

I know me! I tried rolling my hair, blow drying, and using a curling iron. My hair is so straight that any curl I would put in would be gone within the hour. I just need a simple hair style; wash and go hair!

Here is a testimonial that is amazing.

Dear FlyLady,

My hair, make-up and clothes have officially been updated and met with whole-hearted approval by my husband and sons.  I believe I have also added two full inches to my height as today I am standing tall.  After discovering my family’s embarrassment at my attitude and appearance before the holidays, I have been on a personal discovery adventure.  Call it soul searching.  I did not like many of the things I discovered.

I had a lot of excess baggage to let go of.  The death of my beloved father and three wonderful grand parents. A previous abusive marriage, miscarriages, over eating for comfort, giving up the home and career I loved to escape one failure after another. History, yes.  But a history I was selfishly subjecting my loving husband and children to.  Our life and home were a cluttered and dirty mirror of my past.

As the stylist cut my hair yesterday a very odd thing happened.  With every snip a piece of the excess baggage floated to the floor.  SNIP!  My ex husband can no longer hurt me  SNIP! I now have the best husband a girl could want and two wonderful healthy sons  SNIP! Dad would not want me to still be grieving after 15 years  SNIP! That old house is now in the middle of a bad neighborhood  SNIP! I love being a wife and mother, I would not have that if I had stayed in my old career.  On and on it went, failure by failure, sad thoughts, and petty fears.

I feel very, very light all of a sudden.  I am standing tall because I now feel I have something to contribute to my family other than this freshly cleaned and decluttered home.  My family will now have ME.  I won’t say I’m healed.  You don’t make this kind of a change just by getting a make-over. This was just the trigger to let go of the past.

Now I have to find out who I really am without all that baggage.  I have a lot of fears to overcome. I don’t think it’s going to be easy, but I do think I have a good base to work on. There are many new found friends and a very loving, tolerant family to stand with me.  Or to put up with me as the case may be over the course of the next few months, hahaha!  There is hope now.

I am standing tall today, and I thank you for it.  I thank you for being tough when I needed it, and for being a shoulder to cry on when I couldn’t fake it anymore.  I thank you for kicking me into action every morning instead of lying in bed overwhelmed with thoughts of simple tasks.  I thank you for telling me your are proud of my accomplishments and that I am loved, even when I didn’t think I deserved it.  I thank you for the wonderful stories and the little giggles day to day.  And I thank you for telling us your true confessions to remind us you’ve been there, done that, and know right where we are, we are not or ever have been, alone.

Then I thank God for sending me to you the day I told Him I was giving up.

FlyBaby reporting for duty, Ma’am!

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