I Saw It With My Own Eyes

Calendar250Dear FlyLady,

I just want to tell you about something I witnessed this morning. We got our first ever FlyLady calendar a couple of weeks ago and hung it in a prominent place after filling in as much as we could, including school events, marching band dates, and DD’s horse riding lesson.

My daughter, age 15, occasionally works for a neighbor in their concession stand at auctions, when they need extra help. This morning there was a message asking if she can work next Saturday. I mentioned that she would have to re-schedule her riding lesson, but that her instructor knows she sometimes gets called to work.

So after calling her boss and confirming, DD went to the calendar, cell phone in one hand and purple pen in the other and called her riding instructor.

This conversation followed:

“Hi Ken, this is Sarah. I need to reschedule my lesson; I’ve got a chance to work the 20th.” (Checking the calendar)

“No, I have a marching band parade the 27th, but we have an early out from school on the 24th. We get out at 12:30. Okay, how about a Sunday? Yes, the 28th?”

She marked out “horse” for the 20th and wrote in “auction”, then wrote “horse, 9:30 a.m.” on the 28th.

I just stood there in amazement wondering who this self-possessed, organized teenager in front of me was.

Since finding FlyLady.net in April, I’ve been able to start making real changes in our home, thanks to you. And I have introduced it to my DD as well. Even though her room is still in CHAOS, we’re working on it, and after this morning it looks like some of it is starting to take hold.

Thanks again,
Karen in Missouri

FlyLady here: This testimonial is what it is all about! Our children are watching and we have an opportunity to give them their wings so they can FLY on their own.

She did not hide her calendar from her family. She displayed it proudly in a prominent place for her family to see and use. She also did not allow her perfectionism to stand in the way of her daughter writing on the calendar. I am so proud of both of them!

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