September Habit #11 Keeping Me On Track

Dear FlyLady,

The Before Bed Routine has saved me many times!

I get up at 4:00am and leave for work @ 5:30 – and I’m not too wide-awake at that hour. So every evening:

1) all my clothes are on a hanger inside my closet door, my shoes under them
2) my bag with everything else I need is on the chair just outside the kitchen (with my car keys in it – so I can’t forget the bag),
3) breakfast items and dishes and teapot set up on the butcher block table in the kitchen along with
4) my travel cup.

This was the first routine I got down – and makes every day go smoothly.

Thank you for keeping me on track!

Sandy in PA

Rebecca here: This month we are focusing on the before bed routine.

Part of this routine is gathering up everything you need for the following day and putting it in one place. This place is your launch pad. You will be able to grab and go!

Where is your place? Do you have a bag? A water bottle or your office in a bag?

Please share your own tips or stories on the benefits and blessings of the Before Bed Routine.

Send to with Before Bed Routine in Subject Line.

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