Your Method is a Good One

Dear FlyLady,

I have been fluttering for a few years now and I have always held onto your advice about getting dressed to lace up shoes. I have even had my children do the same thing whether we planned to be out of the house or have a quiet day inside. Today proved your method is a good one.

I was watching out the window at my 4yr trying to pop wheelies in the driveway (like he’s seen big brothers do) on his tricycle. When to my horror he fell backwards hitting his head on the concrete busting it open. I was able to get everyone, and insurance cards, into the vehicle swiftly because guess what? We all had our shoes on!

Thank you FLYLADY for the great advice.(And yes my baby is ok other than having a small wound and a headache.)

Shoes Laced Up &a Ready To Go!

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