FlyLady Goes from Big House to Tiny RV

Dear FlyLady and Team,

Your methods have been incredibly helpful in my home.  Using your advice kept our sanity when we had our home up for sale.  Our family was able to keep it show worthy in a moments notice.

We travel the country with my husband’s job.  So when we sold the house, we bought a 33 ft camper.  There are two adults, four active homeschooled children, two hairy (yet small) dogs, and an ornery turtle living in about 400 sq foot. I knew if your magic could work for a 2400 sq ft home, then it had to work for tiny spaces even more.  We started with the decluttering. Knowing the necessities happens very quickly in the camper.  There is NO place for clutter. I purchased the Deluxe Tool System because I needed one handle with attachments for space sake. These are even more useful in my camper.

Every piece has a important purpose.  I use the  Rubba Scrubba from laundry to floor care (nooks and crannies stand no chance). The Rubba Sweepa works better on the carpet than any mini vacuum. It gets every last dog hair. And of course the mop system saves space and time my sweeping and mopping all at once. It works wonders on the awnings and outside surface.  I still Swish and swipe every morning.  It is a must do to keep big smells in tiny spaces at bay. The dust wand….where can it not go? I have had to modify my Zones just a touch to make it work for us.  Thank you. God bless you and all the fly team.


p.s I too have a rock collection.  I am working on one from all 50 states.

FlyLady here: Many years ago in St. George, Utah, we met a family who traveled the country with the Dad’s Nursing career. They had done this same thing. What a wonderful experience for a family. We should all practice downsizing our clutter.

newdeluxeimagewithoutdusterEverything you need to keep your home shining; from a large home to a tiny home!

This is the Deluxe Cleaning System!

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