Just A Few Small Things

Dear FlyLady,

I had no intention of mopping my kitchen floor today because I had errands to run. I had just about completed my daily chores when I opened the microwave and saw the barbecue sauce splattered on the walls and door of the microwave. My DH had apparently heated up some brisquet and barbecue sauce the night before and didn’t use the cover. Arghhhhh. I quickly microwaved some vinegar inside the microwave and wiped away the mess in no time. I thought instead of pouring out that warm vinegar  – I would use it to mop my kitchen floor! I remembered reading about the flylady mop (which I LOVE) and you saying that we didn’t need to sweep or vacuum with this mop – we could just mop! That is exactly what I did!!! Then I decided my stainless steel dishwasher needed shining so I got my stainless steel wipes out and polished my appliances. I ran out of vinegar but continued on to the living room with my wonderful mop and my favorite cleaner. Thank You for giving me permission to do a “one sweep mop” – no vacuuming or sweeping first. Who knew my floors would look so clean in no time!!!! All of this over a little cup of warm vinegar………

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