The Challenge of Having a Clean Desk

Dear Friends,

Do you ever run into the problem of knowing what you are looking for is on your desk someplace? There are so many papers on your desk that it takes for ever to sort or plow through them to find the one thing you are looking for. Then your whole piling system LOL is destroyed in just a few minutes of frantic searching.

It is time to stop living this way! In order to accomplish this we need to get your desk cleaned off! It has been your catch all for many years; your mail dumping ground. Most of what is on your desk is trash!

Go get a trash can and three boxes. Use your timer and work fast! Take breaks!

  1. Place a trash bag in the trash can!
  2. Label boxes LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER
  3. Take everything off the left side of your desk and put in box
  4. Take everything off the right side of your desk and put in box
  5. Take everything off the center of your desk and put in box
  6. Stand back and look at your clean desk! Wipe it off.
  7. Put the Left Box on the desk and start getting rid of trash real fast
  8. Put the papers you need to keep back in the left box.
  9. Do the same thing with the Center and Right box.
  10. With the trash gone all that is left is important papers
  11. Combine all all important papers into one box. Label IMPORTANT
  12. Empty Trash Can. Burn in fire pit or shred.

Now to make your desk pretty! Hang your calendar. Place a pretty cup with pens on it. We have not tackled the drawers yet but now it still looks good and you can easily find what you need in that one box. Place it under the desk!

Tomorrow is another day! You have done a great job. I want pictures! Send them to me, with MY NEW DESK in the subject line.



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