Dear FlyLady,

Although I know my situation is not unique and your instructions are meant to be adapted, sometimes I can’t figure out how to adapt them.  For this reason, I especially love the posts that take us back to the basics (shine your sink, etc.) and the testimonials that tell how a Flybaby made an adaptation.  Today you sent out both: the reminder that the basics apply to everyone, and the testimony of a payroll Flybaby who put your reminders on her work calendar.  The basics apply to me of course, but it’s nice to be reminded on a day like today when I am feeling the consequences of not doing my Before Bed Routine last night!  I am NOT a night owl, and the Before Bed Routine is the hardest part of flying for me.  But on a day like today, I am reminded how important it is.  I woke up to dirty dishes in the sink, yesterday’s dregs in the coffee pot, and no towels in the bathroom.  I know what I need to do today to get back on track!

The way today’s Testifly adapted instructions from emails to her outlook calendar gives me a hint I can use when syncing my computer calendar to my FlyLady calendar.  Also, another testifly a day or so ago gave suggestions for ways to use the OIB that I hadn’t thought of.

Thanks for the basics, the reminders, and the suggestions of how other flybabies make adaptations!

A Virginia Flybaby

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