Change My Attitude

Hello Flylady!

Ok, so I can do anything in 15 minutes, right?  Let me tell you two things that happened this week.  Last Thursday was my anniversary.  All week had been terrible.  I was not in a great mood.  My sweet DH brought me flowers and chocolate to work after he got out of school.  Total mood lifter!  I got home to a trashed house. What happened?  Oh yeah, those 3 kids I have.  There had been a miscommunication with practice pickup for the 16 y.o. DD and I had panicked.  She was fine and DH went to get her from a friend’s house.

I was now in a very sour mood.  I thought, start over.  It was 6pm, but I pretended I just got up.  I jumped in the shower as I was feeling icky.  I got out and felt loads better.  I went to work and did a clean up and got dinner on the table.  15 minutes and my downstairs was restored.  Spaghetti and salad was on the table and we were able to calm down for the night.

Second one was today.  In the chaos of the first week at school, there were 3 missions I didn’t do.  I know I know, just jump in where you are at.  But, my fridge looked like a war zone.  15 minutes. I set the timer.  Checked my foil, wrap, baggie shelf.  Out of sandwich bags.  Went on the list.  Shelf straightened as I had done this mission many times.  Checked under the sink.  Looks good.  Almost out of dish soap.  Put on the list.  Empty box of SOS pads. Recycled and on the list.  Now for the fridge.  8 min left.  Hot soapy water in sink.  One lonely dish of stuffed zucchini no one ate.  Trash, wash.  That’s it?  Really?  I rearranged the fridge so my family could actually see what was in there.  Breakfast yogurts, fresh veggies already cut up.  Leftovers I just made. Put the cheese and butter away in the drawer.  Wash more fruit that was stashed and put out in a bowl.  Quick swipe of the shelves and outside where all the dirty hand prints are.

Wow!  Why do I always think that is going to take forever?  Now I am enjoying my lunch and catching up on emails.  Thank you.  Your reminders help me to change my attitude, which changes my household, one babystep at a time!

Flybaby Crystal

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