I’m Not Mad Anymore

Dear FlyLady, 

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing you and your team have been to my family. I’ve always had spotty cleaning habits, and when I did clean, I was mad at whomever I was cleaning up after, even when I was cleaning my own messes.

After I had my first child, the house was a wreck. I just held my baby boy all day and didn’t do anything else. I would have my DH make food (or get us something) when he came home from work. Both of us were exhausted all the time, so no cleaning was done for weeks. When people would come to visit the baby, I would tell them, “Sorry about the house. I give up- I just can’t keep it clean.”

When my baby was about 3 months old, I was googling “secrets to keeping your house clean,” and I stumbled upon a recommendation for the FlyLady with a link to your website. I thought, “I’ll give this a try and see how it turns out.” It turned out very well! I’ve been FLYing for about 8 months. Reading your e-mails (especially the Morning Musings) has totally changed my mindset!

The concepts of blessing my home and being good to myself have revolutionized the atmosphere of our house. I’m not mad when I’m cleaning (excuse me- blessing my home) anymore! Instead, I’m happy to bless my DH and my baby.I don’t feel like a miserable failure when I walk from room to room; instead I celebrate the accomplishments and the progress I’m making in each room.

Your babysteps made it seem feasible for me to at least be comfortable in my home, and now I look forward to relaxing at home. When those negative thoughts start to creep back in, I tell myself “I can handle this. I’m going to get these routines down. I’m going to do the missions, and I’m going to succeed!”

To let you in on a secret, sometimes I even find the Home Blessing Hour to be enjoyable, even soothing Thank you for your encouragement and taking the time to plan out all of these routines and missions for us! I thank God for the progress (not perfection!) in our home and most of all, for you!

Love and hugs,

Danielle FLYing in Washington, IN

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