September Habit #24 I Can Do This

Dear Fly Lady,

I have been so disorganized before bed that it  would be after midnight before going to bed. I have tai chi class at 7 pm and from 8-10 pm I’d have Buddhist classes with my lama from Monday through Wednesday. DH sleeps during the day and so after class I’d get him up, then wash dishes. Then, if he wanted a snack I’d fix him something. Then the dogs want out, and then there’d be another distraction,(usually the computer) until it would be after midnight and I’d be exhausted and cranky the next day.

Last night I found fire ants had invaded the kitchen and swarmed my stove top! That was it. I could never again leave dirty dishes, pots and pans to do later. The kitchen must be clean immediately after dinner.

My goal for this month is to be in bed by 10:30 pm. That means getting the kitchen clean (the stove top shiny along with the sink, because…fire ants…) having my clothes laid out before class, the dogs walked between classes and DH up promptly by ten with a snack and glass of tea waiting.

I can do this.

Thank you, Fly Lady <3
FlyBaby Patricia

Rebecca here: This month we are focusing on the before bed routine.

Part of this routine is gathering up everything you need for the following day and putting it in one place. This place is your launch pad. You will be able to grab and go!

Where is your place? Do you have a bag? A water bottle or your office in a bag?

Please share your own tips or stories on the benefits and blessings of the Before Bed Routine.

Send to with Before Bed Routine in Subject Line.

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