I Just Needed A Loving Reminder

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve only been following your emails and suggestions for a few weeks. I laughed when you told me to shine my sink. I went out and bought some Lemon Pledge to make it shine, as it is very old porcelain on cast iron, and too porous to shine on its own.Gradually, I cleaned counters, fixtures, shelves around the sink, washed dishes, shined the stove, polished the wooden knife holder next to the stove, cleaned and polished the toaster, etc, only spending 15 minutes everyday, and amazed by the results!As a young lady in my parents’ home, my sisters and I washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen every night after dinner. I learned how to do all these things properly from my mother. Over the years, I had slipped into sloppy habits and loss of motivation.What I realized, is that now that I am in my 60’s, I just needed an encouraging whisper from a kind voice (like my mother’s) to remind me to enjoy a clean kitchen again. As the tidying spreads throughout the house, I can already see many improvements. Best of all, I feel pride in my home and myself again. I guess I just needed a loving reminder-on a regular basis!

Thank you!

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