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FinallyLoveYourselfDear FlyLady,

First let me say how sophisticated the website has become! I fall more in love with it every time I visit.

So here I am, 58 years old and starting out again to become a non-CHAOS FlyBaby.  I remember getting my SHE book featuring 2 sisters who I am sure are genetically related to me. I set up the most beautiful red file box and cards and faithfully and sussessfully followed it with my iddy biddy 2 bedroom apartment and 3 toddlers …till I fell off the band wagon some years later.  Then, in CHAOS again, I started again…and again, this time with you, FlyLady.

Now, here I sit, retired, blessed with a 2 story addition to my home, BUT in CHAOS again. Is this like alcoholism?  Am I having relapses?  You’re like a 12 step program.  The first step is admitting you have a problem.  I am so there!

Here is my point, what I feel compelled to say.  I am always welcome at I am never criticized and I feel invited back, into forgiving arms.  I am reassured that I am not a failure as my perfectionism would have me think (the fact that perfectionism is my problem seems odd as I look at the chaos around me right now).  THANK YOU!

Okay, gotta clean my sink…thanks again.

FlyBaby in the OC

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