I Now Have Great Routines

FlyLady TimerDear FlyLady,

I have only been following you for 10 days, but have now got into a great morning and evening routine, which feels so good!

On Monday – a bank Holiday in the UK – I read the Flight Plan for the week, and saw that this weeks Zone was the Kitchen.

As I run my own business, I knew I wouldn’t have time to get round all the tasks over the week, so set to it at 7am – Yes!! – I’m never up at 7am on a Holiday!

12 hours later, I had a gleaming kitchen, with a defrosted fridge/freezer, clean oven, dishwasher and washer, all the cupboards and drawers had been emptied, cleaned, and decluttered, windows cleaned, surfaces scrubbed, walls and ceiling swept and floor swept and mopped!! Phew!!

I ached from head to toe, but felt so good and in control of my Kitchen!

It might not have been done in 15 minutes slots, but you gave my the tools to get it done, and done effectively!!

Thank you for changing my life!!

Flying in Surrey, UK

Gill XX

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