How Stiff are the Bristles?

Dear FlyLady,

Can you tell me how stiff the bristles are on the new Carpet Sweepa? I’ve had a similar sweeper in the past, but the bristles were so limp that it wouldn’t pick up any of the rabbit hair on my carpet. It wouldn’t even pick up the hay scattered around!


Dear Lori,

Join me for my Facebook Live Show at 2:00 pm EDT today. I will be showing you how it works.  Don’t worry if you are not on Facebook; I will be posting on our website and Youtube.  It takes me a couple of hours to get it uploaded to Youtube.



There are three types of brushes inside of our Carpet Sweepa: Short stubby stiff ones, longer bristles center one, and rubba scrubba tiny ones.


carpetsweepa2My first test was on the rug that our big hairy dog uses in the middle of our living room floor. The rug actually didn’t look dirty to me. In less than a minute of pushing it back and forth; I was blown away by what came off of the rug.

I can’t wait to show you live on Facebook at 2:00 pm EDT.

It has its own little rake for cleaning out the carpet sweepa bristles and emptying the trash bins.

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