Are You Keeping Your Family in the Dark

fallsaleDear Friends,

Are you bombarded by the same questions every day? You know the ones! What’s for dinner? What’s going on this weekend? Can I go to …? What day do I have ball practice?

With your family’s schedule locked away in your phone; you are keeping your family in the dark. Plus you are causing a lot of extra stress on yourself. You are the only one with the answers. Unless you can keep it all in your head.

Think about this! The solution is a calendar that is in a place where everyone in the family can see it. It is not hidden in your pocket. Check out this testimonial.

My Nine Year Old Son Checked our Calendar

Dear FlyLady,

Ok, so yesterday my Dear Son 9 was on the phone with a little friend from school. He was trying to set up a play date and a movie date with his friend and include his twin brother.

His friend was asking him about certain dates, since the original one didn’t work out with his friend’s mom, and my Dear Son said (and I quote here) “wait a minute, I have to check the calendar.”

Oh my, did that bring a smile to my face. He wasn’t calling to me in the other room while I was reading a story to his sister, he was checking the family calendar to see if there was something going on!!

I guess this flying stuff is beginning to “wash” into his mind too!! I’ll hold onto that moment for now, and keep at this until they all “get it” and start flying on their own.

Smiling Away
D in MA

FlyLady here: I am often asked to name my favorite tools that help you FLY. At the top of the list is the FlyLady calendar.

It is a working calendar that you place in a prominent spot in your home. Make it part of your evening routine to have everyone in the family update it. This is also when you check it to see what you need for the following day or the rest of the week.

The school year is just getting started and you need a calendar. Order yours today. You will be glad to have it!calendarbulletin

Establish a place for your calendar. Put it on a wall where everyone can see it. Another good place is the side of the refrigerator with some strong magnets that we sell.

This calendar was placed in an old frame that was turned into a bulletin board. They used a curtain hook to hang it. If you look closely the appointments are color coded per person. The Calendar Bulletin Board is right by the front door. This is a brilliant way to display and use your calendar.

Now for my last point about making your calendar accessible to the whole family. I was 43 years old before I taught myself how to use a calendar. By adding “checking my calendar” to my Morning and Before Bed Routine; I was able to reinforce this essential habit to make my life peaceful. When your family sees you use the FlyLady calendar it teaches them how to harness the power of a calendar. Which makes your life easier.

In our home, I keep my calendar in my bathroom. It is the last thing I see before bed and the first thing I check in the morning. I can see it from across the room, if there is an appointment it is in red.  I also post my morning weight and how much water I drank the day before. This helps me to stay on top of my health. The large squares give me plenty of room. 2018_calendar_open

Every Sunday evening, Robert and I talk about what we have planned for the week. This helps us stay connected and plan date night.

Are you ready to FLY with a Calendar that is large enough for your family?


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