September Habit #30 I Learned My Lesson

Dear FlyLady,

I thought I’d share what happened to me today because I haven’t been doing my Before Bed Routine. I learned my lesson!

I’m faithful about washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. every night before bed, but haven’t gotten into the habit of setting up a launch pad and having everything ready to go for the morning.

This morning I was going to do my weekly shopping. I was already in the car when I discovered my Debit Card was  missing! I tore through my entire purse looking for it and then searched the car. The last time I’d used it was Wednesday at a hobby store. The receipt from that purchase was in my purse, but no card. I went back into the house and checked the bag from my purchase on Wednesday, the pockets of all my jeans, the washer, dryer, and the bottom of the laundry hamper. All this searching took a half an hour!

Finally I called the store I’d shopped at on Wednesday, and sure enough, I’d left my card on the counter when I checked out. We’d gone to look at a classic car (my DH is a car guy) and stopped at this hobby store because it was nearby. The car dealership and hobby store, however, are two hours away from our home!

I had to drive four hours round trip to pick up my Debit Card. To get there, I had to use a Credit Card to put gas in my car because I was on “E” and I didn’t have any cash.

So, I wasted a huge chunk of the day and didn’t accomplish what I needed and wanted to. I spent gas money I wouldn’t have had to and charged the gas (!) all because I didn’t check my purse Wednesday night before bed.

The scariest part is I didn’t do a Before Bed Routine Thursday night either, so I didn’t even realize my Debit Card was missing for a whole day! What if I’d lost it on the street and someone had found and used it?

I am now a true believer in the Before Bed Routine! Thank you for your inspiration and great advice!

A FlyBaby in MN

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