Do You Remember When

Dear Friends,

Time really does fly when you are having fun. It seems like yesterday when I was a ten years old. I don’t ever remember playing as a child; I remember taking care of my little sisters. I guess I was playing house for real.

Our mother seemed to think we knew how to clean. For some of us, we learn from trial and error. We were told to go clean the bathroom and we did the best we knew how to do. Only to find out that it was not good enough for our perfectionist parent. Then we were forced to clean it all over again. No wonder we hate to clean.

Are you doing this to your children? You never liked being treated like this so don’t do it to your children. Just telling them to go clean their room and expecting them to do it perfectly. They are just as overwhelmed by their room as you are by the whole house. Stop doing to this to your babies.

Do you remember when you were forced to wash dishes because you were being punished? If you ever use household duties as punishment then no wonder you can’t get your children to volunteer to help you! In order to get your family to pitch in around their home; you have some explaining to do!

Let’s face it! You have been a nag and a martyr! Your voice is falling on deaf ears. They have tuned you out! If the truth be known; you hate it when you act that way! No one has ever taught you to a different way to get their attention.

Actions speak louder than words. The house has been messy for a long time. Now that you have found our little system, you are determined that everyone jump on board. Don’t do this to your family!

I will never forget a homeschooling conference in Nashville, Tennessee. A father came up to our booth when he saw our sign; Are you living in CHAOS? He told me that FlyLady was a four letter word in their house. He had told his wife that he was tired of hearing what FlyLady said! Then he looked at me and apologized. He said we really need you now. I explained that if his wife was trying to cram our system down their throats then she had missed the most important part.

Clean your home for you! Quietly establish your habits and string them into routines. Quit nagging and do things for you! Not for any other reason but you want it done. Your family does not see the dirt. Your home did not get messy in a day and it will not be cleaned overnight! We have to take babysteps!

The nagging pushes your family away! I promise in a few months your family will notice! They will start decluttering and helping. I know you don’t believe me! Let go of your perfectionism, stop nagging, and playing the role of a martyr. Step out in faith!

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