Commit to Making Your Home a Sanctuary

Dear Friends,

We have all been saddened by the horrific shooting in Las Vegas. Our hearts go out to all the families who have been hurt. There are no words to explain this senseless act. There is evil in the world.

Most of the time evil works in small ways to take you away from your family. If you have ever read the Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis; you understand this. I try to listen to this book at least once a year.

We have survived terrible tragedies from human hands and mother nature. The loss of lives never gets easy to stomach. I do know that I have to turn off the television. Listening to the news go :on and on” does nothing but hurt me. I can’t kiss the boo boo and make it all better. All I can do is pray! and give blood!

I know many of you are hurting over this. It is time to focus our energies on making our homes a sanctuary. Evil wins when we give into the pain we are feeling.

Many years ago we got an amazing testimonial from Israel. I have sent it out several times in our history. I love you all!

Dear Dear FlyLady,

I live in the part of the world characterized right now by violent conflict, armed struggle and terror.  Lots of terror. So what a gift to have found you and to have found you now.  You have helped me to create a haven on the inside to where everyone can enjoy a welcoming and loving place to come home to.

Used to be, as soon as anyone walked in the door, they were greeted with a long list of complaints and chores to finish up, get on with and do better.  Thank God you taught me that housework done imperfectly still blesses your family.  I’ve learned that I can do fifteen minutes a day, and develop healthy and effective routines to lighten our load, and make the day to day life around the house less stressful, no, even nice, pleasant.

There is no need to pressure anyone else to do the chores, because most days I get them done myself.  In fact they hardly feel like chores anymore.  And when I get up off my franny and stop yelling at everybody else to get things done, they pitch in far more than I expect.  I have six kids, aged 3 – 19, work at a demanding payroll job with ridiculous hours.  I came home the other morning after working all night and found my sinks shining??!!

But what I really need to thank you for today goes even further than all of that.  In our current situation I have grown to regard my enemy with hate. Nothing more nothing less.  I saw this message, and thought how could I possible begin to pray for my enemy.  I want to hate them.  They are horrible.  But then I thought, if I continue to hold on to hatred, my kids will probably hold on to hatred, and their kids will, and so on, and it would never end.  I figured that everything else that you say makes sense, I’ll give this a try.  So I began to pray to God to soften the hearts of my enemy.  To make them see my good side, to endear me to them.  To let them want peace.  I don’t know what its doing for them, but Suddenly I find that MY heart has been softened.  My hatred is melting, I am able to see their good side.

Thank you sweet FlyLady for helping me let peace into my home and
into my heart.

Starting to get off the ground in Israel.

FlyLady here: What can you do right now to focus on making your house a haven of peace?

  1. Get Dressed to Lace-up Shoes!
  2. Start dinner!
  3. Make your bed!
  4. Set the table for dinner
  5. Swish and swipe the bathroom

If you are suffering with hatred toward someone, I can help you learn how to pray for them. If you will send me an email to with PRAY FOR SOMEONE in the subject line. I will automatically send you my essay on this very important subject.

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