I Just Flutter

Trying to Fly!

I am from BC Canada, I have been trying to fly for use and I just flutter.  I always wondered why I felt like everything had to be perfect, had to have the best and then the current email “Good enough is good enough” spoke to me loud and clear.  It was like you were talking about me.  I have had chaos in my home and it was brought forward about a month ago when I was told my place was not healthy.  I have since started cleaning and tidying and I have truly let go of perfectionism as it is the most unhealthy part of my thinking. I have my plan in place and it is written down.  I am finding places for everything and getting rid of things I do not or no longer love.

You have been my guide for sometime and thank you so much for your insights and prayers.  My prayers to all of you!!

I am still fluttering but I have direction and I am free at last!!

From BC Canada

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