October Habit #4 This Precious Addition

Dear FlyLady,

I hesitated writing this email at first, because I am still such a new FlyBaby. I have only been flying for about a month now, but I had to share the most amazing thing that happened to me recently.

I had to be hospitalized last week suddenly for some tests, and was unable to prepare my boyfriend and our room mate for my time away from the house. After being gone for a week, I expected to come home to total CHAOS. I was pleasantly surprised, however.

Without any instructions from me, the two boys turned to my control journal, where they found the menu for the week all planned out for them, including my recipes, my daily routine, and zone cleaning lists. They were also able to locate important numbers, such as my health insurance and doctor’s numbers, when I was unable to provide them.

When I returned home, the house was as clean, if not cleaner, than when I left! I was able to return from the hospital and relax and recuperate instead of immediately having to get up and re-clean the house. To me, this is the ultimate testimony to how a control journal can save your life and sanity when it’s truly needed.

Thank you for providing the instructions for this precious addition to my household. I will never take my control journal for granted!

Flying in Mass.,

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