October Habit #9 Nothing Too Elaborate

Hi Flylady,

I’m a Flybaby homeschooling mom loving your routines and incorporating your ideas to keep our home out of CHAOS!  Babysteps!  One habit I adopted with paper a while back has helped a lot: only two folders for the year!  One folder contains papers and documents I will need to keep for income tax purposes. The other folder is all the other bills, statements or receipts we want or need to keep. I keep the two folders for seven years, and shred them when the time is up (in Canada we keep our tax documents for 7 years). Everything else gets recycled or shredded right away. Simple. Not a folder for each company or bank account, as we used to have.  Nothing too elaborate. It has helped me reduce the time it takes to file, and therefore reduces mail clutter on our counter top. Once I started writing on the folders the name of the bank or company statements that go in each folder, then my older two daughters could do the job for me!

Starting to Fly in Vancouver, Canada

Please share your Paper Clutter stories, tips and routines with me.

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