October Habit #11 Focusing My Efforts

Dear Fly Lady,

I have been married for almost 45 years, and both my husband and I have made a habit of cleaning and picking up as we go, after we both experienced homes in CHAOS growing up. However, my big hot spots throughout our entire marriage has been stacks of paper clutter, much to my husband’s frustration and dismay. He’s tried to go paperless when possible, and is very organized with his own paperwork, mail, bills, receipts, etc, but he leaves mine alone. He has bought me files, organizers, bins, binders–everything to help me with paper–but to no avail.

When my daughter (a mother of five) introduced me to Fly Lady, I loved your products, and started following the flight plan to clean, but didn’t feel like I needed much help in getting organized. But with extra time and reminders, I have begun focusing my efforts on de-cluttering my paper piles, wherever they might be, a little at a time. My husband is so thrilled to see me sitting with my recycle bag, going through old mail, catalogs, receipts, etc, and has been very encouraging.

Thanks for helping me develop a new habit to replace my old one of saving paper clutter!

Flying in Virginia

Please share your Paper Clutter stories, tips and routines with me.

Send them to FlyLady@FlyLady.net with PAPER CLUTTER in the subject line.

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