Do You Listen to Your Intuition?

Dear Friends,

How many times have you had a thought come across your brain that tells you to be warned? I don’t know why they happen, but I have them on a regular basis.

One of the first ones, I remember, happened about dusk on a country road. I had fairly new tires on my car and I had a premonition of a blow out. I threw the thought away as if it were nothing. Then less than a mile down the road, I had a blow out. Even though I had dismissed the thought, I placed both my hands on the steering wheel unconsciously in a defensive position. I had never had a blow out before, but I knew how to steer in case of one. I was so blessed to have had that premonition, because it kept me out of a river on one side of the road and a huge ditch on the other one. I also had to change the tire with the car sitting on the pavement and me in the ditch.

I also have premonitions of snakes. LOL When we are hiking or driving; I can see them before we walk up on them. I have gotten into the habit of telling Robert about them before hand and he actually listens to me. (He doesn’t think I am crazy). The last one I had with a snake was when we were driving to the coastal highway. As plain as day, I saw an orange, yellow and black striped snake crawling onto the road. Then less than a mile later, bam there it was. I laughed my head off.

One night, on our date night as we were driving home from the movie, I had three premonitions in a row of a car pulling out from the left across the traffic in front of us. They were so real and I told Robert about them. From that point on, we drove in a more defensive way. Robert is a very good driver anyway, but Friday night traffic can be a mess. We didn’t have any car pull out in front of us, but we were ready to make the necessary maneuvers. I thanked Robert for heeding my premonitions and for not thinking I was crazy. He said that because we pay attention to them, we can change the outcome.

When was the last time you had a premonition? Did you listen to your gut feeling. God gave us these messages and it is up to us to listen and be prepared in what ever way we can.

I also pay attention to our animals. Lucy(Blue Tic hound dawg) was my dog when I met Robert. She loved most everyone. But on occasion every hair stood up on her back and she did not like someone. I watched those people closely. If Lucy had not have like Robert, I would not be married to him. The same went for his Cat Cyrus, that was one strange kittie, but he like me from the start. He didn’t like anyone.

Listen to your premonitions and be thankful for them. Even if nothing comes of them. In order to feel them you have to quit rushing! When we were are in a hurry we don’t hear and we don’t heed their warning.

Premonitions can save your life ,


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