How I Bless My Home. Just the Facts.

Dear Friends,

Today is my Weekly Home Blessing Hour. Yes I only spend one hour, blessing our home. If the truth be told, I only spend 10 minutes a blessing. When the timer goes off, I stop what I am doing and start on the next blessing.

I set a timer for 10 minutes and change the sheets on our bed. I will finish this one, but I go really fast with the timer.

Then I set the timer for 10 more minutes and gather up all the trash in the house and put it in the trash can.

After this, I dust the horizontal surfaces with a feather duster in one hand and a detailed duster in the other. Only spend 10 minutes. Then stop and do something else.

Now that I don’t have carpet, I sweep or dust mop my floors. This takes me only 10 minutes. I mean after the timer rings, I stop. You can vacuum the middles. This does not mean under the furniture. Just the traffic areas. Do this as fast as you can.

Next, I mop up the puppy toe prints on the floor and also mop the bathroom. Then I stop after 10 minutes.

Now I spend 10 minutes getting rid of the old magazines from our coffee table. This doesn’t take 10 minutes so I usually work on my constant Hot Spot, the table beside my chair.

After this I put the finishing touches on the room. I take a Purple Rag and clean the windows in my front door and back door, then I clean all the mirrors in the house. You know all those tooth paste splatters and dental floss home runs. I spend 10 minutes tops.

The beauty of this system, is that it gets done and it does not have to be done perfectly. If you work outside of your home and have to leave the house in the morning, then do one of these blessings in the morning and one in the evening. In 3 days you will have your weekly cleaning done. Quit trying to kill yourself doing weekly home blessing. Even if you just hit a lick at a snake, you have done more than you did last week. Besides the more you get your home decluttered the easier this will become. So promise me that you will not beat yourself up, if you don’t get the whole house done. It’s O.K. You will do more next week. That is how this system works. We do what we can today and then we do a little more tomorrow. Baby Steps.


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