October Habit #16 A Great Surprise

Dear FlyLady,

It was a great surprise when I read what is the habit for October.

I was cleaning my room yesterday and finally decided that is time for me to sort my paper clutter, without knowing that we are supposed to be working on that this month.

I decided to take my businesses in health industry to a higher level and in order to do that I must be able to see what can be used out of the things that I already have (very tight budget).

So at the very beginning of the month, half of my paper clutter is already taken care of.

During this day I tend to finish the rest of it, so tomorrow I can take all the paper I don’t need to recycle.

The quickest method for me to sort papers turned out to be similar to regular decluttering.

I take out one pile, just go through all the papers and quickly sort them: bills, business related, personal, education, hobby, recycle. Then I do the same thing with another pile.

When I’m through with sorting, take recycling bag to my launching pad and put the rest in proper file.

Later, when I have some free time, go through specific files and put papers in order (dates, importance, accessibility).

So, after I finish my paper clutter I’m going after e-mail clutter.

Best regards!
Valencija from Belgrade

Please share your Paper Clutter stories, tips and routines with me.

Send them to FlyLady@FlyLady.net with PAPER CLUTTER in the subject line.

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