You Never Have to See Dirt Again

Dear Friends,

Our routines give us wings. Something as simple as a little habit can change your world if you will allow it.

I have heard of three dollar parts shutting down pumping operations that would bring in thousands of dollars a day. So is any part insignificant? I think every thought, word and deed plays a big part in our development.

What were the lessons we learned through osmosis as we were growing up. We are definitely not stupid and we do learn from our mistakes. We knew what to say and what not to say. We may have learned the hard way when we allowed a few simple words to come from our mouth in a no win situation.

Another lesson we learned came from the grades we made and the rooms we cleaned. If those things were not “perfect” we got scolded. With the rooms we were forced to redo them or worse yet your mother came in and did it after you because it was not good enough!

This taught us that we were not good enough unless we were performing to their standards. Why couldn’t we just be loved and not have that love tethered to whether we were doing a good job or not. The sad part is that we were forced to live up to those perfectionist standards and not given a chance to develop our own skills.

When I think back to my childhood I can see how perfectionism was subliminally pushed down my throat. The only time I was ever complimented was when I cleaned something to those perfectionistic standards. Our only bathroom would get so filthy and it was my job to clean it; especially if Granny was coming. I knew how to hyper-focus to get this done. When I grew up I hated to clean bathrooms because who was going to notice. When I did clean it; I would go searching for those compliments from my first husband. Why did I need them? That was how I was taught. Why could I not clean a little every single day? Why did I have to wait till it even disgusted me?

Deep down we still love to see our perfectionism in action. If we swish and swipe every day it never gets that dirty. In a minute the bathroom is sparkling. It becomes common place and not a “once in a blue moon” occurrence. Everyone assumes that it just happens and we are not complimented on it.

We don’t have to allow our perfectionism to play havoc with our lives another day. The simple habits we establish can help us to never see dirt again. We will not ever have to spend all day cleaning to get ready for company. We are living in our homes and loving each other and ourselves by using these three dollar tools to find the peace we so deserve. Just establishing one little habit is the first babystep on your journey of peace. As each habit becomes part of your auto-pilot, the stress of your home goes away and you can spread your wings to FLY! These habits are powerful tools. No habit is insignificant.

If you swish and swipe daily… never have to see dirt again! Are you ready to FLY?


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