Shine Your Little Corner of the World

Dear Friends,

Many years ago on the first day of spring I headed down the curvy mountain road where I lived. I had my cup of cafe mocha in hand and felt the joy of spring in the cool crisp morning. As soon as I turned from my gravel road onto the main road I noticed something awful in the road.

It was a soiled baby diaper! I stopped and picked it up. I had plenty of bags in my car. I was thankful for my messy car that day. I could not imagine who in the world would throw that out of their car.

As I navigated the seventy-eight curves from my cabin to the main highway I got madder. I began to count the drink cups and plastic bottles along the seven miles of bad road. By the time I got to the bottom of the mountain I had counted 378 cups and bottles. That was about 1 every 100 feet.

Then as I pulled onto the main highway the straw broke the camel’s back. There was a grocery sack stuck in a tree filling up like a wind sock. It was too high to remove from the tree. I was livid! I went straight to our local newspaper.

I wrote out a letter to the editor on the back of some junk mail. At least my trash was in my car and not on the sides of the road. When I think about it; that was my first essay ever printed in a newspaper.

I hate litter, but I don’t just talk about it. I picked it up on the road and streams of our beautiful mountains. I also worked on educating young people with my Travis Trout Costume. Yes I dressed up as an 8 foot trout. I was so funny to look at! Travis didn’t like stream litter either. It was fun going around to elementary schools doing skits for them and teaching them to pick it up and put it away as well as recycle as much as possible.

This is one of the reason I became a county commissioner. I wanted to set policy for littering and recycling. Trash is a fact of life. We have to be responsible for our own trash and dispose of it properly.

When our homes are a beautiful clean we are not putting out fires all the time. We have routines for recycling. We are more particular about what we bring home too. When you are FLYing this allows more of you to shine through so that you can bless the world!

Are you ready to shine!


GroceryBagsThis is why we love to go green in a purple kind of way! Our shopping bags are one of my favorite tools to keep those wind sock shopping bags from lodging in our beautiful trees. Plus they get a lot of attention in the store because they are so pretty and purple. Then insulated bags keeps your cold food cold and your hot food hot!

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